Winter Couples Session – Jamie + Cory

February 6, 2019

Two weekends back Jamie, Cory, and I were finally able to get together for their couples session (due largely in part to General Winter Sickness). As we started their session, Jamie told me – “We’re definitely not models!!” – but um.. yeah can you even tell? These two were awesome. None of the people I photograph are models – well maybe one or two of them were – and so a big part of learning to be a better photographer is learning to make genuine connections with the people I’m shooting. If we have a connection, even a little one, the expressions and emotions in your photographs will appear that much more genuine. So, yeah, that’s why I like to hang out with my clients or go out for burritos or donuts or whatever.

Session details:

We went to Phipp’s Park out on the West End of Billings, Montana – basically my favorite spot in town. There was the perfect amount of snow on the ground – just enough to be beautiful and not quite so much that we needed snowshoes. We had some great weather before the sub-zero temps hit us a few days later. I’m more in love with shooting in the snow every time I go out. Though, I can’t say I’ll be sad to see summer come now that I’m sitting behind the computer and it’s -8F outside.

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